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Our Purpose

Our Primary Purpose

Our mission is to develop meaningful relationships by creating extraordinary experiences for those we SERVE.

Our passion is to "Create a Difference, Leave a Legacy" by choosing to be the best version of ourselves as we SERVE each day.

Our Core Values

The OakStar team team is fully committed to our core values, which make up the word SERVE. SERVE is who we are and who we always want to be.

When we look at the word SERVE, we see an acronym for Stewardship, Empathy, Responsiveness, Vision, and Empowerment. Stewardship: Be accountable for the well-being of Team Members, Customers, and Shareholders – in service, rather than control. Empathy: Understand and be sensitive to the feelings and emotions of others. Responsiveness: React quickly and positively. We get stuff done (GSD). Vision: Have the courage and ability to do the impossible while having fun along the way. Empowerment: Empower those around you. Share what you know and attempt to make those around you better than yourself.

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